Our Projects


A digital wallet for developing nations

Wam is Zed's tool for financial inclusion in emerging markets. Zed's mission is to financially empower the underbanked through Wam by lowering the barrier to entry into the digital economy for those underserved by banks.

3 Phones showing a demo of Wam
A phone with some of the apps in Alice


A web3 super app

Alice is the first product built by Zed. The goal of Alice was to make it easier to create a blockchain mobile app for companies looking at launching their web3 solution into the mobile realm. Alice provided an SDK that opened up their mobile wallet to developers looking to build mini dapps into the Alice wallet.

WYLDFLWR Community

Kolektivo Logo


Zed’s initiative to push towards sustainable economies is being met by their collaboration with Kolektivo. As a mobile blockchain software agency we were ideally positioned to deliver a mobile wallet for the project. This wallet will be a key tool for users, volunteers, businesses and other stakeholders to interact with the Kolektivo framework using a mobile device. The Kolektivo framework is a collection of institutional technologies that open up new opportunities for local communities to govern and finance their own regenerative economies.